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Winter Lash Shedding

During winter, the colder weather, extreme conditions (heavier rain and wind, or moving from a cold to warm environment when going indoors) as well as central heating can dry hair out, which will in turn make them more brittle and more likely to fall out prematurely. We shed more hair as we move into the winter to make way for thicker hair growth that keeps us warmer. Nourishing and caring for our lashes in the colder months will help keep them healthy, so aftercare is a must! Lash shedding is a completely normal process that speeds up during certain times of the year. There isn’t much we can do to stop it! But aftercare is super important.

Applying a nourishing serum daily (such as our Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum) will help care for lashes during the colder months. Our Triple Enhance Lash Serum can also be used to strengthen and fortify lashes, seeing as the colder weather can cause lashes to become more brittle. Don’t stray from regular cleansing either; many people fear cleansing will cause their lashes or extensions to fall out, however gentle regular cleansing will help to maintain lashes and keep them healthy. Use our Lash & Lid Cleanser Set to cleanse your lashes effectively. For lash extension wearers, we recommend using the cleanser 2-3 times a week to avoid over manipulation of lashes. For natural lashes, our Lash & Lid Cleanser Set can be used daily. The correct aftercare routine will give you an added confidence boost during lash shedding season.

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