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What are Wispy lash extensions?


Wispy eyelash extensions, also called Kim K lashes, are a special kind of extension created by using a handmade lash fan with 2-6 lashes and applying it to the lash line in alternating lengths. The final result is a set of dramatic lash extensions that mimic the look of strip lashes but with the visual impact of volume lashes.

Wispy Eyelash Extension Styles

The most commonly requested styles for wispy lashes are natural, cat-eye and dolly.

  • Natural wispy lashes: this is the most natural-looking style for wispy lashes. For this style, I always use classic lashes (not closed fans) to create the spikes. Then, I follow the lengths of the client’s natural lashes and extend them by 2 mm using 2D up to 5D volume fans. If the client wants something even more natural-looking, I’ll use classic extensions instead of fans between my spikes.

  • Cat-eye wispy lashes: For this style, you would create a cat-eye style as you would normally do (i.e. using shorter extension lengths for the inner corner of the eye and gradually increasing the lengths towards the outer corner). However, you spice it up by adding some longer spikes at proportional distances across the lash line.

  • Kim K wispy lashes: As the name suggests, this style is inspired by Kim Kardashian. A typical lash map would look like this. Start by applying 7 to 10 spikes per eye. They should be 2 mm longer than the main layer or even 3 mm if the natural lash can support it. Then, add the volume fans. A good place to start is to use 7 to 9 mm fans for the inner corner and go up to 10 mm fans for the outer corner.

Because wispy lashes are created using classic and/or volume lashes, they will last as long as classic and volume lashes last respectively.

So, what does that mean?

After two weeks, you can expect 75% of the classic extensions and 80% of the volume lashes to still be attached.

My clients usually come for refills after 3 or 4 weeks.

How Much Do Wispy Lash Extensions Cost?

Expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $250 for a full set of wispy lash extensions and $80 to $150 for a refill.

They are always more expensive than a standard classic set since the lash artist needs to master several techniques. This is only reserved for experienced stylists who already perform classic & volume lashes flawlessly. It all depends on the wispy style desired.

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