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Am I taking care of my lash extensions?

Hey guys as we know the Texas Heat is hot! things that are important we must purchase with purchase lash extensions! Have you ever compared lash extensions to hair extensions? Well, you should just like your hairstylist would tell you to purchase the best shampoos and conditioners, you need the best lash conditioner and vitamins for your lash care to help prevent breakage. We offer revitalash and viviscal the best on the market to ensure your lashes stay healthy. Please know your lash care is investment. get the protective care you need. You must have a lash sealant. The lash sealant that protects your lash retention. The next biggest thing. Always get a lash bath soap. Reason being our lash soap has no oils in it and we ensure you won't lose your lash extensions. Book your appointment with us today!

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