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Lash Extension Types

Lash Extensions comes in different services and techniques. Its best to ensure you have a consult if you're unsure. There is a deposit required but it will go towards the appointment. The deposit is non-refundable due to the time is scheduled for your convience.   At the time of your appointment, it basically for your service time. The service time is the time the technician needs to service your lash set. Each service is a timed service. This allows for us to be courteous to other scheduled appointments. 

Lash extensions in beauty salon macro eye . High quality photo.jpg

Hybrid Full Set 

Hybrid lashes are a combination of classic and volume lash extensions across your lash line. In our classic application method, we attach 1 lash extension to your natural lash; in our volume application method, we attach an ultra-light fan of 2–6 lash extensions to your natural lash. Since hybrid lashes are a combo of the two, you achieve a fuller and more texturized lash line than a standard classic lash look!

Classic Eyelash extensions in beauty salon macro eye .jpg

Classic Mink Full Set

These classic eyelash extensions add length and volume whilst looking beautiful and natural. Using the traditional 1:1 lash application method, silk, faux mink or flat/cashmere extensions can be used to create a variety of effects including cat eye, doll eye (super curled), or a very natural enhancement. With this set, we apply around 70-80 lashes per eye.

They are the perfect starting point for first-time wearers of eyelash extensions and are most popular for everyday wear. At your initial consultation, we will provide advice on the thickness, length and curl of eyelash extension that may suit you.

Volume Lash Extensions , create vollume on the lash area

Volume Full Set 

Volume Full Set is a technique where a lash fan is created from 2-6 individual false lashes and applied to one isolated natural lash. Due to the number of lashes being applied, the individual thickness of each false lash tends to be thinner and lighter than that used for classic lashes.

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